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Authors Jennifer Temel, MD, and Victoria Jackson, MD, discuss palliative care and the impressive study findings which showed patients experienced a better quality of life and actually lived longer than patients not receiving the same level of care at an early stage. Jim Windhorst, a stage IV, lung cancer patient describes how palliative care has helped him cope with his illness. Source: YouTube

Tata Memorial Hospital - India
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Expert Gary Buckholz, MD, with San Diego Hospice and The Institute for Palliative Medicine, joins our host, David Granet, MD, to discuss both palliative care and hospice and how these services help people by addressing their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Series: Health Matters [6/2010] [Health and Medicine] [Show ID: 17814]
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Coalition for Compassionate Care of California

POLST Paradigm Program

Center to Advance Palliative Care

Publications / Articles

News & Information Bulletin from the Oregon Health & Science University (January 2012) regarding review & publication of Oregon's groundbreaking POLST program featured in 2012 issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

How Doctors Die by Ken Murray, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at USC. Online at Zocolo Public Square/The Public Square/Nexus, November 2011.

Life-Sustaining Orders, POLST Forms, End of Life Care in California AARP feature on Patients with a Physicians Order for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST) form can spell out their wishes for end-of-life care to medical personnel.

"Open the Discussion on Dying" by Steve Lopez, columnist, LA Times - online 12/28/11. Compelling article about importance of talking to your loved ones about your end-of-life wishes.

CAPC Publications
Informative articles in pdf format on palliative care programs & benefits.

"One Last Magical Evening" - A devoted wife recalls her final days with her ailing husband, by Gail Sheehy, Parade Magazine, April 2010.

"Comfort Over Cure",by Chris Womack, Southern California Physician, November 2007. (pdf)

"Palliative Care, Helping Patients Get the Treatment They Want"", by David Reynolds, Southern California Physician, June 2010. (pdf)

"Reducing Unnecessary Hopitalizations of Nursing Home Residents," by Drs. J Ouslander and R. Berenson, New England Journel of Medicine, September 2011.

"End of Life Transitions Among Nursing Home Residents with Congnitive Issues", by Drs. P. Gozalo, J.. Teno, S. Mitchell, J. Skinner, J. Bynum, D. Tyler, and V. Mor, September 2011.

"POLST Registries Bring Orders for Medical Treatment Choices to the Internet Age", by Larry Beresford, Freelance Writer, 2011.